Top 10 Ways to Make Your Appeals & Grievances Most Efficient in Healthcare

Appeals and grievances management is a critical aspect of healthcare operations, and efficiency in this process can significantly impact customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. As a leading healthcare solutions provider, Beacon offers the Appeals Manager (BAM) module, which empowers healthcare organizations to streamline their appeals and grievances procedures. Here are ten ways to maximize the […]

10 Reasons Why Healthcare Providers Need Beacon Compliance Manager Module Right Away

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, compliance with ever-evolving regulations and oversight requirements is paramount. Healthcare providers face the constant challenge of ensuring their operations are aligned with industry standards while delivering exceptional patient care. To ease this burden and streamline compliance efforts, healthcare solutions providers need to embrace the Beacon Compliance Manager (BCM) module.  […]

Chris Mahoney

Chief Financial Officer
Chris Mahoney is a resourceful and results-driven senior finance executive with 25+ years of CFO-level experience leveraging keen financial expertise to create cost-efficient and sustainable financial results across both small and large corporate organizations. He consistently demonstrates the ability to critically evaluate and respond to rapidly evolving environments while identifying business-critical financial enhancements and developing proactive and actionable improvement initiatives. Chris also utilizes business acumen and cross-functional communication skills to routinely produce sophisticated solutions and align all financial activities with strategic business goals. Chris has acquired and integrated businesses, assisted in raising millions in $30mm equity and debt through private placements, transformed a business from a Perpetual to a SaaS model, assisted in growing businesses from $250mm to $1bn, and has implemented Project Accounting systems, cost, and management information systems.

Ken Stockman

Chief Executive Officer
Ken Stockman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beacon Healthcare Systems, is a seasoned healthcare executive with strong Payer and Provider experience focused on bringing innovative solutions to Government program revenue management, operations, compliance, and risk adjustment. Ken was an early leader in the Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment industry building a full suite of tools such as Full Enrollment, Member Reconciliation And Part D Platform to support the health plans’ initiatives in 2006 as co-founder and former CEO of Dynamic Healthcare Systems, Inc. His expertise in Risk Adjustment Strategy, Transaction Processing And Analytics positions him as a unique subject matter expert. Additionally, his experience in CMS Transaction Processing And Regulatory Requirements led to the successful design and implementation of industry-leading information systems.